Is it worth investing in an airsoft AK-47/Kalashnikov?

In case you were wondering if it’s worth upgrading to a brand new weapon and not just any kind, but a Kalashnikov, then the answer is yes absolutely but it may depend on what exactly you are looking for. In recent times, the Ak-47 also called Kalashnikov has gained even more popularity thanks to the availability of many body styles to choose from and lots of customization and upgrades for internal components. It’s no wonder that more and more airsoft enthusiasts are thinking about owning an AK-47. Usually, people think of making an investment in a rifle after using handguns for quite some time and deciding they want something bigger, better and more accurate. So in this list, I will present the advantages of getting a rifle like the AK-47 over any other weapons even other assault rifles.

  1. Superior close-quarter combat abilities

An assault rifle like the Kalashnikov will decimate any opponent in close range and it’s easy to see why. With such a rapid rate of fire and amazing velocities it allows you to fire rounds one after another while also maintaining a decent level of accuracy. If you prefer more of a tactical gunner style of play, an AK-47 is a solid choice and can make any game experience more fun.

  1. Design

Having a multitude of options for customizations is a great advantage for those who want to combine utility with aesthetics. From basic to complex, there are lots of body styles to choose from so finding the right AK-47 for you is much easier than with other weapons. This is very subjective but this classic look of this weapon has a certain appeal because it just feels badass in your hands.

  1. Fit for any level of skill

Next, I’m going to mention an aspect that some might be worried about if they are just getting into airsoft and are on the fence about choosing a bigger weapon that seems more advanced than what they’re currently using. I’m talking of course about how skilled you need to be to handle an assault rifle like a Kalashnikov considering the playstyle that this gun entails. Well, the AK-47 is popular for a reason, it fits veterans and novices alike thanks to its reliability and fast rate of fire which means even if you’re not that good at aiming yet you’re certain to hit your target with ease.

  1. Great value for money

This is where lots of airsoft weapons fall short. They are either too gimmicky or cheap so they can attract certain customers but in terms of quality, they just aren’t worth the money. An AK-47 is among the best assault rifles and trumps most weapons when it comes to solid and durable quality and they offer better-balanced features overall. If you have trouble deciding on which is the best on the market there are great articles like this one to lend you a hand:

Ultimately, it all comes down to how far you are willing to invest in an airsoft weapon, what are your personal preferences and desires but going for an AK-47 will basically guarantee you will be tremendously satisfied.